Monday, May 28, 2012

What do you think this painting?

Composition IV displays mixed swirling colours and soaring lines.

The painting is strongly divided by two black thick swords in the centre. On the left hand side you will notice that there is violent motion expressed by sharp and jagged lines, and on the right it is calm.

As you can see in the middle you will spot red hatted cossacks that stands before a blue mountain holding black swords. Next to them a third white bearded cossack leans on his purple sword.

The lower left depicts a boat and a rainbow and on top is a battle of two cossacks on a horseback. On the lower right two cossacks lie on a hill while two priests watch on.

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  1. Hello Shalom,

    I really love what you have said about this painting but I'm not sure if I read it probably but who painted this artwork?


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