Monday, May 28, 2012

What do you think this painting?

Composition IV displays mixed swirling colours and soaring lines.

The painting is strongly divided by two black thick swords in the centre. On the left hand side you will notice that there is violent motion expressed by sharp and jagged lines, and on the right it is calm.

As you can see in the middle you will spot red hatted cossacks that stands before a blue mountain holding black swords. Next to them a third white bearded cossack leans on his purple sword.

The lower left depicts a boat and a rainbow and on top is a battle of two cossacks on a horseback. On the lower right two cossacks lie on a hill while two priests watch on.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Abstract art

Abstract artists changed the normal idea of art. These artists were rebels. They changed the pieces of real art and was judged by with the whole world.

Artist now began to care about the process of art. They soon then experimented with the way of how abstract paintings had used the paint, canvas and tools and paid close attention to the texture, colour and shape.

Abstract paintings contains very different shapes, of colour and designs that are not very similar to real objects. When people look at the paintings of abstract, they would have no idea or could not understand what they are seeing.

Abstract art seems to be about the way of emotions that the person has felt about the colour and design that displays in Abstract painting and it opens up yourself and lets in energy.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Robyn Kahukiw (Hine or Waihine

In extension we have been working on a project which is called Waihine or just Hine. Our teacher had found a picture and shared it with the whole class. So then we had to draw the image that was shown on the whiteboard. I knew I had to finish immediately. At the end I actually did. Before time had run out I was panicking. (OMG I am never going to finish in time) If my movie was bad then I think i should work harder next time and I mean really work hard by focusing and paying attention. My favorite bit during the session was drawing the picture of Hine. I wanted to find out why every feature on Hine is so big. 
Hope you Like my movie
Sit back and relax.

Making A movie

This movie was created By Shalom at PT England School. Garageband is what I used to make the music. Garageband is an application which helps you make music. You can do a whole lot of stuff in it.

How I made the movie with the music:

Well I first used a picture from the internet and then added the music.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What a day at the swimming pool.

Have you ever been to the pools? Room thirteen has. The moment as it was twelve o’clock we had to get changed into our togs and leave immediately.

Off we went to the Glen Innes Pools. “Hurry up you lads, we are almost going to be late” Miss King shouted. Skipping along the grass, I was so eager and filled with anticipation.

Finally we had arrived. Entering the entrance with excitement, I just thought about the big pool because it is usually cold. We I just have to see for myself.

Splash I hopped into the cold water. The talented instructor told us to do backstroke. (Backstroke is a stroke used in swimming) Furiously paddling across the pool, I was afraid that I might sink where the water rises up.

Sadly swimming time was done. “Why does it have to be the end” I sadly said. I jumped out  and sighed.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

My own little poem

Swimming time

As we got to the pool with our togs
we leaped into the water just like frogs

Jumping into the water we thought we would crash
But instead we gave a great big SPLASH!!!

Running  out of air and starting to freeze
I lifted my head so I could breathe

Iisa overtook me in the big pool
And I gave a loud shout “ come back here you fool

Near the end where the water rose up and was high
“Why does it have be deep” I shouted and cried

Swimming time was over, finished and done
But the weather was still cold we just needed the sun

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spinning disk

This movie is about a spinning disk that looks like a magnet. The spinning disk wasn't what I thought it was. I could not believe how long it could spin for. It was like a coin spinning and spinning.

Tissue Paper Flower Artwork

Intensely painting my background, I patiently waited for my artwork to dry.

Creating each shape with the tissue paper, that was strewn across the classroom, I finally made each flower shapes.

Step by step, we glued each part of the flower onto our background.

Tissues were lying everywhere after I had finished painting my artwork with vibrant colors.