Thursday, November 17, 2011

King Kong And The Slug

          KING KONG
Stupid king Kong knowingly embarrassed himself. Knowingly stupid king kong embarrassed himself. Embarrassing his mother knowingly, stupid king kong felt guilty. As stupid King Kong
farted in the audience he knowingly embarrassed himself.

The creepy slug attempted to jump unfortunately he had no legs. Attempting to win the race the creepy slug was unfortunately too slow. Unfortunately the creepy slug attempted yet failed. Creepy slugs attempt everything unfortunately they die at the end.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Alien Snot

“Yuck, making alien snot is disgusting. Filled with disgust and horror, I waited to make the yucky snot in Room 13. I wonder what the snot will feel like.

If you are interested to make alien snot, here is a recipe to make it. The first step is simple, all you need to do is to pour corn flour into bowl so that you can pour water in it and give it a good stir. Last, some green food colouring and stir once more then you will notice it will harden quickly

Miss King came around with some corn flour tipping it in a bowl.  As I stirred the corn flour and water mixed together, it harden quickly. Yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!! The food colouring was next, gross.

Making alien snot was not so bad after all. Although I thought it would of been disgusting, it came out good at the end.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Ice Cream Comets

If you know lots about space than I think you should know what a comet is. Well Room 13 made some comets. Not real comets,but ice cream comets.

As Miss King dumped the icy cold ice cream on my hands I shouted, Ahhh it is freezing cold. I could not take it any more, the ice cream was to cold. As it dripped through my fingers it left a sticky mess. How can this day get any worser.

If you want to know what comets are made from, here is the answer for it,it is made out of rocks which are different sizes. Oh yeah and the next is dust and ice. There you go, now you know what it is made of.

If your interested in comets here is how you can make it. The first step is obvious alright, scoop ice cream into a cone or in your hands. A simple step is next, pour sprinkles onto it so that can be the dust and lastly biscuit crumbs for the rocks, that is how to make it.

Filled with wild excitement I slurped the comet into my mouth. Mmmm delicious I said to myself. I felt different textures on my tongue.

I felt really great after I ate the ice cream, it was yummy. My tummy wanted some more but I did not want to be greedy. Delicious!!!!!!!!!!

This was one great afternoon alright. I might make some another day if I have the chance to.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lift Off

Nervously sitting strapped in my seat, launch was mere seconds away. Shaking with fear, I knew this was going to be dangerous adventure for me to go to space. I was ready to leave earth.

I was really scared about lifting off. Countdown started as I prepared to launch off.I felt frightened.

Booom!!!!  A explosion was seen as the space shuttle launched off. Few seconds had past as the rocket ship accelerated into the sky with a bright blaze of fire.

I could not wait to explore new planets. Missing earth so much I wanted to go back there.