Monday, May 23, 2011


As we slipped into the pool I floated like a starfish.Under the sparkly pale water my arms were outstretched.My eyes were stinging red.

Rube Gold Berg

Marble track

Man that was awesome!Well we built a contraption.It was like the coolest day ever.It starts off like this.First we thought we could have the coolest invention in the class and then it came out ugly at the end.So then we tweaked and fixed our problems.We completed our marble track and then it still didn’t work.Awhhhhh Man!Any ways we still never gave up,we just perserved until the end.Well it still didn’t work because someone had to go and wonder off to see what the others were doing which was Sosaia.We could of had a hand you know.I know we could of did it with some more team work and cooperation,but there was only one thing to do we could of made it better and faster.So when we finished which plan to do we just kept on arguing.Well Levi brang some pins.ahhhhhhhhh!pins!See.look at it this way.I don’t like pins because i might stab myself,but I just carefuly hold it gently.the pins were actully for popping the balloons I mean water balloons.Ok time for packing up.Miss king said.Awhhhhhhh!We didn’t finish exept we were only almost finised.

Tornado Alley

Tornado Alley

WOW!, there was a tornado in Albany, Auckland! Yesterday, this tornado struck at 3 o’clock pm. It was a destructive and very powerful tornado.

The damage was a terrifying, horrible disaster event. Fierce winds blew many things away and every thing in its path was demolished. The tornado damaged houses, shops,cars and roofs. It appeared as if the debris was chasing after each other going round and round in circles.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sentence Biginnings

In our classroom we are learning about the different word starters to use when you start a story and one of the important things about using it is about making sure it is not all the same. It can help you have ideas of starting your writing.We read Toreka's story called What An Ambush.And then we highlighted the sentence beginnings and copy and pasted it to helped us get more ideas about better and different word starters.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Alien Earth Base

Me and my friends made a comic using our own pictures. The fun thing about making it was taking the graphics that we drew and putting lots of cool things together. When Miss King said that we had to do a comic book, I was going to explode with excitement. Well then I ended up liking this new thing. And now here is my comic

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Straw Bridges

Straw thingies I mean straw Bridges.........!
Man that was awesome!!!!Well, today was cool making straw bridges.This our 2 creation activity that we had done. Me and my class mates worked together as a team. It had to be stabilised of course. My friends and me cooperated so it could work. We could make any sorts of bridges. I learned something today about triangles and I know that for sure. They are very strong if you build a bridge or a tower. I was really sure that we could win because I believed we could do it. Together we built a straw bridge. Our design was cool but at the end I don,t think it made it. There was bad news and some good news going through my mind. The bad news is that we lost, Awwww man, and the good news is that we built one when we tested it ,alright, we built one and we lost right, but it worked at first.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Straw Towers

straw towers

Guess what,My friends and I had a great time making straw towers.It was a lot of fun.We cooperated connecting the materials to make a humongous tower.By the way nearly everyone made square one’s.I hope we could have another chance of doing it.It seemed like our towers bended to the side while we communicated building it high.Of course,It was a lot of straws Because if wasn’t enough,how could we build it!We had 75 straws.Me and my friends were so eager to build and stack the straws to make a big tall tower.Team work helped us make it together.I was so looking forward to do it.The reason why we did it is so that we can practise our teamwork or taught us about our topic.Maybe we made it so that we can be creative.Well it turned out being cricked at the end and it may not of been sturdy or steady but the only the tallest tower and one of the ugly one’s.Mrs King taught us how it can stay up and not fall down.Anyways it was cool.By shalom