Thursday, May 5, 2011

Straw Bridges

Straw thingies I mean straw Bridges.........!
Man that was awesome!!!!Well, today was cool making straw bridges.This our 2 creation activity that we had done. Me and my class mates worked together as a team. It had to be stabilised of course. My friends and me cooperated so it could work. We could make any sorts of bridges. I learned something today about triangles and I know that for sure. They are very strong if you build a bridge or a tower. I was really sure that we could win because I believed we could do it. Together we built a straw bridge. Our design was cool but at the end I don,t think it made it. There was bad news and some good news going through my mind. The bad news is that we lost, Awwww man, and the good news is that we built one when we tested it ,alright, we built one and we lost right, but it worked at first.

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