Monday, May 2, 2011

Straw Towers

straw towers

Guess what,My friends and I had a great time making straw towers.It was a lot of fun.We cooperated connecting the materials to make a humongous tower.By the way nearly everyone made square one’s.I hope we could have another chance of doing it.It seemed like our towers bended to the side while we communicated building it high.Of course,It was a lot of straws Because if wasn’t enough,how could we build it!We had 75 straws.Me and my friends were so eager to build and stack the straws to make a big tall tower.Team work helped us make it together.I was so looking forward to do it.The reason why we did it is so that we can practise our teamwork or taught us about our topic.Maybe we made it so that we can be creative.Well it turned out being cricked at the end and it may not of been sturdy or steady but the only the tallest tower and one of the ugly one’s.Mrs King taught us how it can stay up and not fall down.Anyways it was cool.By shalom

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