Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What a day at the swimming pool.

Have you ever been to the pools? Room thirteen has. The moment as it was twelve o’clock we had to get changed into our togs and leave immediately.

Off we went to the Glen Innes Pools. “Hurry up you lads, we are almost going to be late” Miss King shouted. Skipping along the grass, I was so eager and filled with anticipation.

Finally we had arrived. Entering the entrance with excitement, I just thought about the big pool because it is usually cold. We I just have to see for myself.

Splash I hopped into the cold water. The talented instructor told us to do backstroke. (Backstroke is a stroke used in swimming) Furiously paddling across the pool, I was afraid that I might sink where the water rises up.

Sadly swimming time was done. “Why does it have to be the end” I sadly said. I jumped out  and sighed.

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