Thursday, April 19, 2012

What a day at The Blues Vs Sharks game

Have you ever been to a rugby game at EDEN PARK? Well I have, I mean me and my family  actually went to the Blues and Sharks game. It was my second time being to a rugby game because the other game I went to was the Crusaders and Blues.

As foot just stepped on board I squished my way through each little gap. The train was crowded with people everywhere. "Move Please"

Just before we got off the train at Kingsland I told my dad if we were almost there. " It's just across the road " My dad replied. Yes.

Finally we had got there, so we took a seat after searching for where we sit. Wow. If you had stepped inside Eden Park you would of been amazed.

As the game started I cheered GO THE BLUES!!! Screaming loudly, the crowd got wild for the blues. This was cool.

Every point was to make blues win. Who wouldn't like that team. LET'S GO BLUES LET'S GO!!!

At the end my team had lost by a 23 to 29. Just one more try and they would of won.

My favorite part of the game was when we cheered and cheered.

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