Friday, April 27, 2012

Shalom Art Alive, Melted Crayon Art Work

Art Alive is our topic for this term, so that means we learn about artists and everything about Art. “ Do you know anything about art? “ Well we just experienced a little bit about it yesterday, I mean we created art. . Creating art is fun!

To create our drippy art work, the first thing we did was to glue each crayon onto the cardboard we had been given. In the meantime, I painted the stencils. Trying to get my group to stop arguing about turns, I ignored them and kept on going with the work. “ Can I have a turn, Nah don’t give it to him Shalom “ Paula argued.

Melting the crayons on top of the canvas was the best part of the activity. Making the crayons drip, ( By using a hairdryer) we soon noticed that the crayons colors had hardened. The colors had mixed together to form blended colors..  

Melting crayons was my favorite bit of making the drippy artwork. It turned out well in the end and so colorful too.
It was fun.                                                 

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