Thursday, March 22, 2012

Warriors Vs Sea Eagles

  "Guess what happened during the cool weekends on Sunday night"? The Warriors played against the Manley Sea Eagles. It was an interesting game. "Let's go and see what happened"

Once the referee had blown the whistle for the game to start I shouted " GO THE WARRIORS " The game had started. "I hope it is a good first half".

"Manley has scored the first try of the game" Shouted the commentator. I really did not expect this to happen but any ways this is just the first half. The warriors will catch up.

" Hooray" I jumped go warriors. YES,YES, TRY!!!!!

It's the final phase and it is only 26-20. Pass the ball, Ohhhhhh. The Warriors have lost to the Manley Sea Eagles.

What a close match between two good teams. Hope Warriors win there other game.


  1. Hey Shalom:

    Nice You really love the Warriors. Good time having a time supporting the warriors. I have to go now but still nice

    1. Sorry about the mistakes in my blog comment


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