Friday, March 30, 2012

ROW (Rock Our World)

ROW (Rock our world, It was made in 2008) has a focus on poetry. This is our intro to it, a Haiku about Mrs Tele'a. Rock our world was made so that schools around the world can particapate to share their work with Rock our world. I think that is why. Carol Anne McGuire is actually the one who made up or say created this. It is a Global kind of thing.

And this a Haiku and how you actually how you create one.

First five syllables
Second seven syllables
Third five syllables

A Haiku has five syllables in the first sentence and seven in the second. For the last one it has five syllables. And that is what you call a Haiku.


Mrs Tele'a
A yellow watch hangs on her
And she’s a teacher

Chocolate is brown
Though it has sugar
I will never frown

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