Thursday, July 7, 2011


"Is this MOTAT ,I never knew it would look like this"I said.As We went through the entry Lee said "Thats The Tactile Dome". Ohh yeah the dark place obsticle"I replied.I was so eager to go and have a look around MOTAT but the thing I really wanted to go to was the arcade room.It has lot's of games that you can play on.There were board games and computer games also racing car games. "Man, I wish we could go there first.At least we can still have lunch.Crunch!Crunch!Crunch! I ate my chips. Off we went to the classroom .If only there were two game sections,one in the classroom and one where it usally is.We went and a lady named Stacey took us to the classroom."Isn't that the Box Brownie"I suggested."Yeah it is"replied Iisa and Lee.Shortly after a few minutes later we split up into groups and went to have a look around. "Finally, I get to play in the arcade room.Surley we couldnt have plenty of time to play on these games because It was almost time to eat."Come on, lets go and look at some old things"Said Francis."Wait up then"I replied."Ok"Francis said back.Trotting along the tram trails I spotted a game room."Hey guys,look at this it is a plasma ball.Almost falling off I was on this shaking thing.It was like an earthquake."Let's go to the train"I shouted.Well it is almost time to go to lunch."Can we just look at the willow cottage and all the other ones before we go and eat" "What about the Whisper dishes too" "Fine then,you can go"replied Francis grammah."Well time to go for lunch"Francis said."Yummy" I said in my head.Minutes went past so we left MOTAT.I wish the day did not end because I had so much fun At MOTAT.So I went on the bus.

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