Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Aussie Rules

`“Yes, we are playing Aussie rules today” Do you have AFL training every Thursday? Well room13 does. We have coaches that are really good at playing Aussie rules.

Blustery winds blew into our faces. I was frustrated with the weather was changeable. As we tried to play, the wind got stronger and stronger like a cyclone, we could barely begin.

When the wind was calm, we learnt some skills like a drop punt and bouncing the ball. These skills were to help us learn how to play Aussie rules. Our coaches were making sure that we were doing it properly. The sun came out just as it was time for a warm up called the jumper bumper.

Running and jogging we played kick baseball. The game got boring just as we had to switch over teams. When I caught the AFL ball I started to cheer up.The game got really fun and exciting from then on.

The day was a cool day. When the training was finished, we had learnt so much throughout the afternoon.

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